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4 Ways to Hack AdWords Success with Effective Keyword Groups


Excel sheets can do wondrous things to speed search engine marketing results. Sergio Aicardi is recognized for his knowledge of online advertising, logic and fearless hacking of newer, faster, better ways to do repetitive tasks of digital marketing. By using concatenation in excel and a few other simple formulas, he was able to save a ton of time by duplicating sets of keywords (ad groups) and simply changing out city names or state names across each ad group. Using this type of granularity and a location-centric campaign structure translated into higher quality scores, lower AVG cost-per-clicks, higher CTR’s and better conversion rates. With this tool, you'll be able to serve more clients for higher revenues and allocate more time towards bigger and better things.

In this webinar, you will learn: 

·      How to plan the best, most effective AdWords Groups to suit your various Campaigns

·      When to include local search terms and what those should be

·      What are the best modifiers with the highest monthly search volume

·      Why it's important to constantly add new Groups and Keywords