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How To Increase SEO traffic and Revenue by Understanding Googlebot


A more efficient crawl from search engines drives additional SEO traffic and revenue but most SEOs don't really know how Googlebot crawls their website.


In this webinar you're finally going to discover how Google understands your website and how you can optimize it. The webinar will be based on what you can find when you combine powerful website structure and log files analysis.


Join us and discover the methodology used by the most successful websites to define their SEO strategies!


What you will learn? How to:

  • crawl your website and dig into your web server log files
  • benefit from the combination of website structure and log files analysis
  • segment your website to focus on strategic pages and get rid of content with no potential of revenue
  • monitor the SEO performance of your new pages (crawl, visits, revenue etc...)
  • optimize your website daily crawl by search engines.