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How to Optimize Your e-Commerce Store for the Holiday Traffic Surge


With so many gift-giving opportunities, the end-of-year holiday season leads to a surge of new traffic for e-commerce stores. While this typically means an increase in sales, it can also lead to decreased rankings as the holidays wind down. More new visitors can lead to increased bounce rates and reduced time on site if those new visitors aren't immediately engaged with your brand. When the holiday traffic dies down, you're left with a high bounce rate and ultimately worse keyword rankings as a result. In this webinar, we discussed the best practices for your website to engage and convert new visitors so you can come out of the holiday season with more organic traffic and better rankings than ever before.

We covered:

Based on our users' data, websites that use pop-ups typically see a 15% improvement in avg. bounce rate.

  • No Pop-Up: 53.73%

  • With Pop-Up: 39.32%

Best practices:

  • Welcome offers: Engage new visitors immediately to decrease the bounce rate.

  • Exit offers: If they're trying to leave, make them an offer they can't refuse to keep them on the site longer.

  • Product Recommendations / Suggested Products: Create refined targeting rules for your product recommendations to improve Pages/Visit.

  • Mobile-specific targeting rules: Mobile and desktop are not the same, and your pop-up trigger rules should reflect that. Cover Google mobile best practices and design trends that we've seen work best.

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