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How to 100% Penguin-Proof your Link Building


SEMrush: How to 100% Penguin-Proof your Link Building image 1

Google's algorithm conducts a never-ending assault against all unnatural links, but sometimes link building tactics that webmasters think are perfectly ethical can expose their sites to potential Google penalties. Since the Penguin update, this effect has been even more pronounced. In many cases, webmasters have gotten penalized without knowing what they did wrong. How can you protect your site?

Clayton Wood has been in the link building game since the outset. He's seen the titanic shifts and the game-changing algorithm changes and learned how to adapt to the ever-changing landscape that is the link-built web. 

In this webinar, Clayton Wood will show you;

  • How to create web assets that attract links you don't have to ask for.
  • How to monitor questionable links so you'll never get effected by Google's updates.
  • Top best practices, and little known hacks for keeping Google's updates always in favor of your rankings.

All attendees of this webinar will be granted access to a FREE 15-Day trial of SEMrush Guru to help assess their link profile using Clayton's methodology.