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How to untangle the puzzle that is ecommerce SEO


There is little doubt that competition within the online marketplace is fierce, performing SEO on any ecommerce site is not desirable, it now an essential ingredient for any business selling online.

Not only is it extremely difficult to compete against the ecommerce giants that are currently dominating the landscape, but most ecommerce sites by their very nature go against good SEO. 

They are often bloated, suffering from thin or duplicate content issues. Useful linkable assets and shareable content are often thin on the ground. 

Acquiring links continues to be a constant issue for many ecommerce site owners, especially to their product and category pages. 

What you will learn:

  • How to deal with a host of on page issues that are holding ecommerce sites back
  • How to build trust with customers 
  • How to safety build links that won’t get your penalised

Adam Vowles is Head of Content and Outreach at SUSO Digital, providing bespoke digital marketing solutions for E-commerce and technology companies. Adam specialises in the creation and development of content, technical SEO and experimenting with outreach. He has had vast experience working with a portfolio of clients including a range of top tier brands, stretching across multiple verticals and sectors.