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How to use Google+ for Social SEO


You know Google+ is Google, right? 

I don't mean that it is owned by Google, I mean that IT IS GOOGLE. 

It is the new Google, the future Google, the Google of the future. 

Ok, you've got the picture.

In this webinar I will show you:

  • The relationship between website, Search and Social, and how to make all three work together using Google+
  • How to build trust, reputation and authority
  • How to build relationships with influencers in your niche that will enable your authority to rise
  • The difference between personalized and global results, and how you can make the most of both through building your network
  • The importance of creating incredible content that helps people to solve their problems, and for which they would have been willing to pay $s 
  • How to start building your community on Google+
  • How to build up and run campaigns on Google+, including how to leverage them to achieve awesome search results

The importance of building opt-in circles as a way of building your community of evangelists

Case studies and evidence that this really works!



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To learn how to leverage Google+ for Social SEO be sure to check out the Academy.

It will give you everything you need to take your content into Search, and building a community who loves what you do.