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How to Win SEMrush Australian Search Awards


Welcome to the second edition of the SEMrush Search Awards in Australia – the most prestigious digital marketing awards in the region! This November we’re bringing it back to Sydney Opera House to single out and reward the best online marketing professionals from Australia and New Zealand. We will recognize the best marketing campaigns that achieved exceptional business results. 

As winners ourselves of the UK, US, European, Dutch, and MENA Search Awards, we at SEMrush know how much effort goes into an award submission. Olga Andrienko, the Head of Global Marketing at SEMrush, will walk you through the best practices of filling an entry form. Though SEMrush is not participating in the judging process, Olga will share the insights of presenting the campaign to make it award-winning. You will learn what information the judges are hungry for, and how to prove the efficacy and impact on business. 

The webinar will cover:

  • Checklist to catch the judges’ attention

  • Things to avoid in a submission

  • The “must have” numbers and metrics

To learn more about the awards https://www.semrushawards.com.au/

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