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Is Your Business Verified with Google Maps?


william-rock-webinar.small.jpg Join us for a fantastic discussion around a program called Google Local Guides as well the importance of Verifying your Google Map Listing for your Business. You would be surprised on how many business owners and marketers are still not aware that Google gives you a FREE listing all you need to do is claim it giving you control of managing the information displayed within Google Search for your company.  Many business owners are not aware of Google’s ability to help people find businesses near them online. Mobile devices dominate Search, and we are always using our phones and computers to get directions to a store, restaurant, hospital and more. Imagine if you were trying to find a restaurant around a movie theater, so you would pull out your smartphone and get directions, maybe check the restaurant’s menu as well look to see the movie theater’s shows for that evening. Now imagine you had dinner, and were set to head over to the theater only to find out the theater was closed down. There are great benefits to keeping the maps easy to read and accurate …ccrf5p0pnttgwgu8llumikplk6cfhmzjhtg3kuxnmh9wbtyyfeisp89x42epze7emvol_j8p8yymr_bdvpqbhewxoycfh2o__lqjwll9t8xij4hfze9a9yph3jivuwdgkenzia4i.png