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Keyword Research Today: How to Keep Pace with Google


Google Inc. has ushered in such major advances as entities, co-citation, and machine learning in the form of its RankBrain algorithm. Such advances necessitate the SEO practitioner to be evolve his/her approach at keyword research. Google is getting better at understanding the relationships between concepts, at understanding the meaning behind the query and the intent of the searcher. Old-school keyword research looks at singular vs plural, verb tenses, and misspellings to see what is more popular. However the Google of today lumps many of these related keywords together.  Searcher behavior is evolving too: more natural language, longer phrases, even full sentences, and spoken queries. Because of all this, the most valuable keywords don't look like they used to. Smart search marketers are finding the value of the long tail keyword - the customer who already knows exactly what they want, and is ready to buy. However, taming the long tail means a shift of mindset when doing keyword research and keyword planning. You can’t just search for keywords relevant to the product; you need to know how your potential customers think and the context in which they are thinking. To do this, we'll need to do a bit of sleuthing. Here are some of topics that Stephan will explore in this webinar: ·      How Google might use "neural nets" to mimic the way a searcher's brain makes connections ·      How to search through forums to find real customer pain points ·      How to use location data to connect with customers ·      How to use keyword tools to find exactly what queries searchers use ·      How to use metrics in topic prioritization Join in on the webinar for an incredibly insightful look into the brave new world of keyword research!