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The SEM Marketer’s Guide to Leverage Live Chat Operators: How this Relationship Changes Everything


Whether you’re managing SEM campaigns or outsourcing, especially in the eCommerce space, you constantly face the challenge of directing your traffic to the right page, synchronizing campaigns with changes in inventory, quickly spotting campaign “bugs” and improving campaigns ROI. In this webinar you will learn how live chat operators can provide you with:

  • Qualitative and quantitative data that tells how your paid traffic behaves
  • Ways to optimize conversion rate using insights captured on live chat
  • A unique source for identifying ‘lost’ users in the funnel and suggestions for where to direct them instead
  • Alerts on campaigns ‘bugs’ no one else paid attention to
  • Understanding of which campaigns and affiliates are not working and why

Nurturing this relationship helps SEM Marketers be more productive & perform better. During our webinar we will show you exactly what you need your live chat operators to provide you with to fill the gap analytics leaves behind.