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Life Is Emotional, Your Web Marketing Should Be Too


With all of the terms we use within web marketing, (such as CTR, SEO, PPC, CPC, Analytics and Auditing) it is easy to presume that online marketing is primarily a scientific and logical exercise.

The essence of any great marketing project is its ability to truly connect with a target market. Whilst logical and scientific approaches no doubt help us to achieve our marketing objectives, to make true connections with our market we need to touch people emotively.

Over the past few months, The SEMrush Team have discovered that our most successful email marketing campaigns were the ones that focused on emotional messaging. We will share our Email Marketing communications experience showing the campaigns which attracted the highest levels of user engagement. Attractive and emotive calls to action increase CTR effectively and we will show how we have experienced this within our own email marketing. 

This webinar shows you how to:

1. Deliver emotive messages into your online marketing; 2. Help you move beyond purely logical approaches; 3. Bring to your digital marketing strategy more emotions and colors.