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LinkedIn Lead Generation with a $0 Budget


If you’re a business that really doesn’t have the money (or experience) to compete with competitors that are using PPC spend or have a whole marketing team/agency that they are using to get themselves on top of Google. Trying to beat them on Google is a fool’s game. Right? This is what Deepak realised when setting up Purr Traffic.

So then in search of alternative marketing methods Deepak took to free-marketing on LinkedIn to go ahead and ultimately generate weekly inbound leads from business owner’s that had cash to spend in the region of $500-$5,000 USD per month. This webinar will show you EXACTLY how he did it.

  • Learn to compete with competitors that have 10x more budget than you
  • How to use LinkedIn to generate inbound leads
  • The activities I perform for 60 minutes a week that generate 4-5 digit returns