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Lost in Translation:How to Understand What Your Executives Really Need


Regardless of your company’s size, your executives are probably wearing a lot of hats and consuming a wide variety of data on a daily basis.  They may ask you to “Just tell me if we’re making money” from your PPC spend or to “Prove that SEO is working”.  Don’t get me wrong, they mean well – but it can be difficult to get the right data that tells the whole story about digital performance, justifies your previous spend, and ensures that you continue to get budget dollars in the future. In this webinar you’ll:

  • Learn about common metrics requested by different departments and executives
  • See hands-on instruction in creating/modifying reports in Google Analytics to provide the data
  • Explore custom reports & dashboards you can make in Google Analytics to automate this reporting for your executives

To help develop the metrics executives are looking for, Attendees of this webinar will have access to a FREE 30 day trial of SEmrush Guru.