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Marketing Scoop 2.32 [Advertising] How to market offline products and services from digital advertising


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Have you ever tried to market offline products and services from digital ads? That’s precisely what we’re going to be discussing in this episode of Marketing Scoop – specifically how to market offline events, holidays real estate and retail outlets using digital advertising. Are there any special techniques that make this sort of advertising different from asking consumers to make an online purchase? Find out here.

Joining us for this episode are:

Jon Rognerud - Since 2006 Jon’s been building marketing and sales funnel strategies via paid and organic media. He executes aggressively to scale businesses fast. You can find Jon over at ChaosMap.com.

Joel Bondorowsky – Joel serves as the SEMrush Academy PPC professor as well as a founder of PPCDesigns.com, a new boutique agency providing tailor-made marketing solutions for large, mass market activities.

Join us live on Wednesday, May 22nd.

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