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Marketing Scoop Episode 2.10 [Digital Marketing in 2019]


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Episode 2.10 of Marketing Scoop will be a little different! David Bain is hosting a section of his “Digital Marketing in 2019” show live on the SEMrush Facebook Page – and a section of this livestream will be released as episode 2.10 of Marketing Scoop.

On the SEMrush section of the “Digital Marketing in 2019” livestream, 24 of the world’s leading digital marketers will be each be sharing one very specific actionable digital marketing tip for the coming year.

Joining David will be Kamila Gornia, Kevin Indig, Scott Brinker, Janet Murray, JD Prater, Hannah Butcher, Paul Rouke, Marcus Miller, Jeff White, Joe Martinez, Josh Steimle, Paul Lovell, Sam Noble, Andrea Vahl, Amy Bishop, Leah Buckingham-Warner, Kristian Haanes, Chad Pollitt, Teresa Heath-Wareing, Stephan Spencer, Kirk Williams, Michael Fleischner, Lexi Mills, Marcus Sheridan and Kevin Gibbons.

Not to be missed! Join David and his 24 guests on Wednesday the 5th December for 90 minutes – from 4pm to 5.30pm GMT.

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