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Marketing Scoop Episode 2.25 [SEO]: Website Migration Tips


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Are you planning to migrate your website to a different platform, location or domain over the coming months? If so, how confident are you that the move won’t result in any negative impact such as traffic or revenue loss?

Whether you’re intending on moving from http to https SEO, changing CMS systems, moving servers or changing your site’s domain, all of these tasks are fraught with difficulty – and it can be especially challenging because most other people in the business aren’t even aware of the negative impact that can occur.

Joining us for this episode of The Scoop are 2 great guests:

  • Dawn Anderson, Founder, Move It Marketing
  • Felipe Bazon, Chief SEO Officer, Hedgehog Digital

As ever, the Marketing Scoop discussion will be hosted by David Bain and Judith Lewis.

Join us live on Wednesday, April 3rd.

NB. Website Migration Checklist

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