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Marketing Scoop Episode 2.28 [Advertising]: Facebook Advertising in 2019


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Facebook Advertising seems to be a strange beast, with some people seemingly getting exceptional results, and others just not managing to drive any serious traction. But why is this and what’s working best with Facebook Advertising now?

We’ll be covering topics such as:

  • What impact did Cambridge Analytics actually have on advertising on Facebook, and what’s still possible to do?
  • What creative works best now?
  • What kind of sequence works best
  • What kind of calls-to-action work best?
  • How do you make best use of the Facebook pixel?

Joining us will be 2 of the world’s leading Facebook marketers…

Dennis Yu, Co-founder and CEO, BlitzMetrics

Gavin Bell, Founder at MrGavinBell.co.uk

As ever, the Marketing Scoop discussion will be hosted by David Bain and Judith Lewis.

Join us live on Wednesday, April 24th.

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