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Marketing Scoop Episode 2.30 [Content]: How Uber and Search Engine Journal Do Their Content Marketing


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Have you ever wondered how big brands do their content marketing? On episode 2.30 of Marketing Scoop we explore how Uber and Search Engine Journal select and run their long-term content marketing campaigns, specifically focusing on Uber’s “Safety and Access” campaign alongside Search Engine Journal’s podcast launch, and how they integrated their podcast into their live events.

Joining us for this one are:

Luis Rodriguez – a gentleman who is a highly versatile SEO and digital marketing expert as well as being Web and SEO Lead for Uber in Latin America

Kelsey Jones – a lady who loves great ideas and helping brands reach their potential. She’s the founder and chief marketing strategist of Six Stories, a Kansas City-based digital marketing consultancy, and StoryShout, the first and only news content marketing agency.

Join us live on Wednesday, May 8th.

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