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All About Advertising: Making the most of Advertising Research with SEMrush


SEMrush's dynamic suite of advertising research tools is renowned by SEO and PPC specialists nationwide.  Every day, thousands of online marketing professionals use our advertising data to perform keyword and SERP research, and perform analysis on their competitors that will help them to effectively craft their AdWords campaigns.  However, our advertising data has application well beyond SEM and PPC purposes.  You can use our analytical environment to understand your competitor's branding strategy, gain key insights into user behavior, and ultimately understand what does and does not work for competitors- and why.

Join us on Tuesday, May 20th, 2014, at 2 pm EST for a webinar to learn how to best leverage our advertising research data to your advantage.  You'll walk away having learned:

1.  How to use SEMrush to learn about the branding strategy of your competitors and see how they are trying to entice users;

2.  How to make inferences regarding user behavior and what attracts customers to a competitor's site;

3.  Determine what is and isn't working for your competitors along with the reasons why.