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Mobile & Local SEO for 2016 & Beyond



Jake Aull joins SEMrush for another informative webinar, wherein we'll explore several trends and inform you about updates you need to be aware of in your marketing efforts.  We’ve been told Google penalizes for non-responsive websites, but how much?  What about the difference of responsive vs. adaptive websites? How exactly do the search engines affect your site search results? 

What about Google Analytics dashboards and reporting specifically for mobile and tablet?

What about other mobile apps and their impact on SEO? 

The impact of Geo-fencing/NFC  

The impact of audio search (Siri, Google voice and more) & what about wearables? 

Three takeaways from presentation: 1. Learn the impact of mobile search to Wordpress websites. 2. Learn about the future of mobile search engines and geo-local technologies. 3. Learn about additional SEO technology implications and the future.