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Online SEO Meetup


SEO meetups are hosted in many countries. And let's face it, you can't visit all of them. We give you the exclusive chance to visit one of the Australia's leading SEO meetups in Melbourne because we're taking it online! 


Online SEO Meetup

Join SEMrush at the Melbourne SEO meetup to discover new actionable SEO tips from industry thought leaders and get the chance to ask your questions live!  

We are going to discuss the following topics:

      1. Copywriting for Search Success (Jim Stewart)

Jim will dive into a real-world case study and share tips on how to rank in Google's Featured Answer.

      2. Basic E-Commerce Site Audit (Tim Capper)

Beginners guide to Auditing your E-Commerce site. Tim will cover the most common problems encountered within an E-Commerce site, and how to check for these problems using both free and paid tools.

      3. 10 Techniques to Convert Your Search Visits (Frederic Chanut)

Frederic will share his tips on how to increase profits to online business by understanding what exactly makes audience become customers.

       4. WordPress SEO Tips and Tricks (Chris Burgess)

Chris will share the essential steps to creating and optimizing the perfect WordPress website, popular SEO plugins to use and common mistakes marketers make to when working with WordPress. 

*Each session will last for 40 min


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