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How online shopper psychology and website analytics can combine to drive ongoing improvement in your online performance


Understanding what drives your customers, how they think and how they behave is critical to long lasting and fruitful relationships. Small simple changes to how you digitally communicate with your market, the user experience once on your site and the after sales follow-up can have massive impact on the success or failure of your online investment.

It doesn’t matter if you are selling shoes, clothes, underwear, tractors, mining equipment, brand consultancy or the purpose of your website is to generate expressions of enquiry for educational courses, new credit cards or hen night entertainment.

Your website has to meet your clients where they are at and as part of an Omni-channel strategy, from the original search intent, the primary engagement, product/solution page views, add to cart/completing form, cart completion/form submission.

  • In this presentation on Friday May 29th at 8:00 pm Sydney time I will talk about the GMG data-driven approach that we use to inform on all of our decisions. How to use tools such as SEMrush for identification of your customers search intent, tracking behaviour using Google Analytics and heat mapping, and how this drives our optimisation decisions.