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Optimising Your E-commerce Site for Search: A Round Table Discussion



Join SEMrush for an information-packed round table discussion with three industry experts as we tackle the topic of eCommerce site optimisation! Andy Drinkwater, Craig Campbell, and Danny Richman will be taking an in-depth look at eCommerce site optimisation from SEO, UX, and practical perspectives and will help us address the most impactful points and avoid common mistakes!

A few of the points on eCommerce site optimisation we will be discussing include:

  1. General SEO points that play a role in eCommerce site optimisation - keyword research and targeting, getting links to your site, avoiding duplicate content issues
  2. eCommerce-specific situations that must be handled when it comes to site optimisation - SEO for very similar products, managing products that have been discontinued
  3. Considerations for UX in designing/optimising your eCommerce site
  4. Thoughts on expansion into other countries and on attracting online shoppers from other countries
  5. Things to consider when choosing eCommerce platforms
  6. Future of eCommerce site optimisation