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Personal SEO Consultation by Tom Casano


This is not a typical webinar. This is an opportunity for 5 lucky people to get free personal SEO consultation from Tom Casano.

You would need to use your camera and mic, so if you are a camera shy it is probably not for you.

Tom will hold a 1-hour consultation for only 5 people, you will have 10-15 minutes to ask Tom any questions you have. You will be able to listen to answers from the other participant questions.


Dave Noakes asking Tom Casano SEO questions

Dave Noakes

That was very helpful indeed. I can give you the view of someone who was in the chat before and then came into the discussion. Whilst in the chat, I was paying very little attention to the video, I was just writing my questions out. (This is one of the reasons why I look forward to watching the replay). Once on the hangout, it was a very different experience, where I could listen properly to what was being discussed.

The advice that Tom gave was extremely helpful! I gained lots from his answers to my questions, as well as those to the others. I look forward to gaining more from it when I watch the video. I'd definitely love to take part in one of these webinars again!

I wonder if another thing that would be great to have is a forum, where somebody like Tom can publicly answer questions in this way. It's very useful seeing other people's questions dealt with. It would be particularly handy if answers given explained the steps involved, using SEMRush tools, to best tackle the issue they are discussing. There is a lot to learn on the platform and questions and answers sessions would help demonstrate how to best use the various tools. I would definitely benefit greatly from something like that!

Thanks again for making my questions heard! I'm off to see if I can watch the replay yet.



Kristian Haanes during the webinar

Kristian Haanes

Thank You, Anton and SEMrush for hosting this session. As the SEO space is really cluttered in terms of what is correct and important and not, I found this session extremely helpful. I was the third or fourth person on to give my questions, but most of them were already asked by the guys beforehand. Which was great and gave me the opportunity to ask even more questions. I really don't know if my questions were clever enough but Tom didn't seem to worry too much about it, he answered all question carefully and thoroughly. In the questions from the rest of the guys afterward he also looped back to some the things we discussed before and that made also things much clearer to me. 

I also liked very much the way you pulled in people from the audience to ask questions, that made the whole experience no-scripted authentic and fun. 

I hope you will run sessions like this again in the future. Thank You!

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