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Ross & Craig do it again (SEO site Audit)


This was one of the most popular webinars when it comes to website auditing, we had 143 requests for live auditing from the public, but we only had 60 minutes to go through the website and give the submissions some feedback, which is never enough when you have fun guys like Ross and Craig on the webinar.

In the best tradition of modern filmmakers, we are going for a remake, Ross & Craig, Site Audit 2, and we would like more submissions where the guys will pick a few websites and go through them and offer their feedback on what needs to be done to get the websites into better shape.

Rules are very simple:

Submit Your Site Here

(hurry up! only a few sites will be live audited)

Register for the webinar and attend on November 13.

Ross and Craig will pick a few sites up and will audit them during the webinar, all 60 minutes we will be open for live public questions. Even if your site won't be audited you surely learn a lot.

All levels

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