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Marketing Scoop 2.2 [SEO]


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Search Marketing Scoop Episode 20 is an SEO special where we’ll be looking at the latest digital marketing news as well as drilling down into specific, actionable organic search strategies. Joining our hosts David Bain&Judith Lewis and 2 SEO experts.

Jonny Ross is Founder of Fleek Marketing, and is an SEO, digital marketing and social media consultant, speaker and trainer. He has worked with clients ranging from SMEs and start-ups, B2C and e-commerce companies, B2B professional services and corporates, through to independent schools, colleges and leading UK business schools.

Arsen Rabinovich is the founder of TopHatRank.com LLC, a Los Angeles-based, Search and Social Marketing Agency working with big and small brands across the US. In late 2008 Arsen started off as an SEO consultant, hired his first employee in late 2009 and formed TopHatRank.com LLC in August of 2010.

Join us live on Wednesday, October 10th.

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