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SEMrush for Content Marketers


There are many challenges for content marketers when it comes to planning and writing. We at SEMrush know how difficult it can be, that’s why we have an all-in-one toolkit for content marketers. To make sure you get the most out of our tools, we are holding the webinar ‘SEMrush for Content Marketers’ to guide you through several steps of content marketing workflow.

During this session, our Customer Success Specialist, Svetlana Kharlanenkova, will talk about:

  • Analyzing and optimizing existing content;
  • Discovering fresh ideas to produce the copy that gets noticed;
  • Finding the right keywords for better ranking;
  • Making your content SEO friendly;
  • Distributing your content;
  • Measuring content performance and adjusting your content strategy.

Don’t miss the opportunity to beef up your content marketing workflow with SEMrush tools!

To join the webinar, please submit the registration form below.

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