SEMrush ToolBox #1: Keyword Magic Tool

The new series where we will spend time on each webinar going through all of the tools that SEMRush has available. The first episode we will be discussing how the "Keyword Magic Tool" works and how experts are using the tool to benefit their marketing efforts.

Using the tools can help you analyze your competition and increase your marketing efforts. SEMRush is implementing new and improved features all the time and this webinar will allow us to focus specifically on the Keyword Magic Tool and what is new.

The first episode will have Kevin Indig as the guest, with Craig Campbell hosting the webinar. Craig will go through the keyword magic tool and explain how you use it properly, and then Kevin will discuss a success story that he has had as a result of using the keyword magic tool. 

The webinar will be open to live public questions.

Kevin is a regular speaker at conferences all over the world, He is the SEO  lead at Atlassian and has over 10 years experience in the Digital Marketing Industry.

Craig is an SEO Trainer and Consultant with over 17 years experience as an SEO and has previously built up his own Digital Marketing Agency.

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