SEMrush ToolBox #3: Content Analyzer tool

On this webinar, we will be going through the Content Analyzer tool where we will discuss how you can analyze your content and analyze its performance, whether that is time spend when people read the content, to social signals and much more. Analyzing your content and tweaking it for optimal performance will help you with your overall SEO campaign.
This webinar will be hosted by Craig Campbell, who will give you a quick 20 minute tutorial on how the tool can be used for maximum impact. 
The guest on this webinar is Dido Grigorov from Serpact in Bulgaria, Dido has over 12 years experience as an SEO and has worked with over 200 clients on various projects all over the world. 
Dido will be showing us how he uses the Content Analyzer tool for his clients, and then we will have questions and answers for the final 15-20 minutes of the webinar.
Check out this educational video to get an idea about the tool.
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