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SEO&PPC - Yin and Yang #2 (Local)


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This time we talked about local marketing strategies in SEO and PPC.

Did you know that almost every second search on Google is a local search? With this increasing demand, local businesses near you, like barbershops, restaurants, groceries, car dealers all need a local marketing strategy because their business depends mainly on how much traffic and clients they drive from on-the-go searches.

But what’s the best way to attract these local searchers? Is it a Google Ads local targeting strategy combined with Google Local Campaigns? Or should we focus on getting more organic traffic from Google My Business listings?

We discussed all this in our webinar about local SEO vs. local paid ads. On the SEO side, we had Greg Gifford and on the other side, Samantha Noble gave us some insights about local paid marketing strategies.

The webinar was hosted by Halide Ebcinoglu.

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