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SEO Discoveries from Overseeing 9 Large Data Studies for Neil Patel


Join data scientist Eric Van Buskirk as he condenses 9 very large data driven research studies on what works in SEO and content marketing. He’ll present some of the most valuable takeaways. Eric oversaw the analysis for NeilPatel.com, and he'll be sharing some of the most valuable information with us. The projects we'll be discussing include the following:

1.      How Long Does It Really Take to Rank at the Top of Google’s Search Results?  2.      How to Give Your Content Wings: We Analyzed 11,541 Viral Articles from 2016 to          Uncover the Secret Formula 3.      How to Drive More Repeat Visitors Through SEO: What We Learned by Analyzing 114,871 Keywords 4.      We Analyzed 143,827 URLs and Discovered the Overlooked Speed Factors          That Impact Google Rankings 5.      We Analyzed 120,000 Google Ads and Discovered How Local Businesses Can          Crush Their Competition on a Tiny Budget 6.      What We Learned About Google's Local Results From Analyzing 119,221 URLs 7.      How to Rank for Your Competitor's Keywords: What We Learned by Analyzing           62.6 Million Ecommerce Keywords 8.      We Analyzed 203,900 Data Points to Answer the Question: Do Keywords Matter? 9.      How Google Hummingbird Really Works: What We Learned by Analyzing          9.93 Million Words of Content