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SEO Surgery India


Can your SEO strategy be improved? Ask the SEO experts! In this webinar session, 3 SEO experts hosted by Nitin Manchanda will dissect different websites individually and give practical suggestions on how it can be tweaked. You will know what is working, what is getting results and what needs to be changed immediately.

It is an excellent opportunity to watch and learn from a live site audit by leading SEO specialists like:

  • Charmis Pala –The Global SEO head Cleartrip has helped numerous business grow their digital presence and knows what he is talking about!
  • Dido Grigov – as a Head of SEO at Serpact, Dido has consulted with over 150 companies to streamline their SEO strategy. You do not want to miss his insights!
  • Milosz Krasinski – being the chief Digital Consultant at Chilli Fruit Web consulting, Milosz can spot an SEO problem a mile away, and you can watch him doing it live!

If you want YOUR site to be analyzed, just go ahead and submit it while registering for the session. We shall pick 3 websites and discuss it during our session.

Even if your site doesn’t get picked, it will be an insightful one-hour that will give you tips that you can apply to your own site to improve the strategy. So are you in?

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