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SEO: The Organic Way to Riches with Michael Fleischner

Get ready to discover the power of organic search!  You are about to learn the most effective strategies for promoting your business, website, and blog online using Google search results. Improve your online image and drive qualified traffic to your website to grow your business.  Utilizing organic search results, in combination with paid advertising, can dramatically improve your online results.
Join us on September 23, 2014 at 2pm EST for a special guest webinar hosted by Michael Fleischner of Big Fin Solutions where you'll learn: 
  • The changing landscape of SEO and what it means for your website
  • How to leverage local search for improved organic rankings
  • 3 effective strategies for improving search results immediately
  • How to leverage content to drive targeted traffic to your website or blog
  • The secret for improving website authority, resulting in higher search results
About the Presenter:
As an entrepreneur, author, marketing expert and business owner, with more than 14 years of real world experience, Michael has worked with a variety of software and service businesses to improve marketing effectiveness.  He has appeared on the TODAY Show, ABC World News, Bloomberg Radio, and featured in USA Today. During his executive career he has effectively improved marketing performance for leading brands, developed numerous businesses, and authored a variety of marketing related books.  His most popular title SEO Made Simple, now in its 4th edition has become the standard on search engine optimization.
Michael is a marketing strategist, consultant, effective communicator, and coach. His online marketing experience began in the publishing industry and took shape as he worked with companies across more than a dozen industries seeking to improve brand image and online marketing results.  Starting his own marketing services and consulting business in 2010, Big Fin Solutions, Michael has served as a marketing consultant to leading companies focused on rebranding and improving performance of their online marketing efforts and organic search results.