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Should newsjacking be part of your SEO strategy for 2015?


Newsjacking, when it’s done properly, is probably the most cost effective way to acquire good links to your website right now…but marketers looking to leverage newsjacking as part of their 2015 SEO strategy need to stop and take stock of what they need to prepare. Real-time marketing is not a strategy – newsjacking isn’t just being reactive to events. If you’re going to engage users with newsjacking you need to be proactive too.

Simply put, newsjacking is putting your brand in front of people at the right time, when the conversation in the press and on social media is relevant to your business. However, lots of newsjacking activity misses the mark and doesn’t succeed in getting you noticed by potential customers. There’s much more to it than looking at what’s trending on Twitter and writing a blog post about it. Newsjacking simply doesn’t work without reaching out to the places your audience gathers online – don’t just press publish and expect people to see it. Definitely don’t expect them to link to it.

In this webinar Stephen will explain, with case studies:

  • What you need to know if you’re thinking of using newsjacking as a strategy for link acquisition
  • What you need to prepare now if you want to do it when relevant stories arrive
  • What doesn’t work and what you should stop doing

Stephen is Head of Search at Branded3, a search and digital agency in Leeds and London, UK. He is responsible for organic performance for some of the UK’s biggest brands, having previously worked in print and digital advertising for FTSE 250 strategic outsourcing business Mitie. Stephen speaks about engagement at digital marketing conferences and contributes to some of the industry’s biggest sites such as Content Marketing InstituteMoz and Search Engine Watch . Follow Stephen  and Branded3 on Twitter  or read Stephen’s blog.