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Show Me The Links: How to get attention that gets links


Julie Joyce, Taylor Tomita, Devin Boudreaux, and Anthony Randall discussed how to land good links in 2019.


Some questions that were answered during the webinar:

Julie: Do you use templates or prefer to create personalized emails?

Devin: I prefer to use template guidelines. Most of the USPs and why you're pitching a particular link isn't going to vary from site to site, but I would want to change the introduction and add a personal touch.

Julie: What are the most important metrics to look at? Do you think the open rate is important?

Anthony: Probably the best metric is the percentage of links we got compared to what we planned. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how many people read your emails; you should understand how many of them agreed to put the link.

Julie: Do you have any recipes for successful local link building?

Anthony: You have to be involved in local communities and groups, especially considering that some industries and companies have a less powerful local presence than others.

Julie: How to find the right person to reach out to?

Taylor: The easiest way may be looking at the contact page, but another good idea is to look who is writing on the topic that interests you and try to get in touch with them in the first place.

Julie: Looks like it's becoming more and more difficult to get your emails opened and actually get those links. How do you cope with this?

Devin: The outreach emails need to be short and straight to the point. Use the bulleted lists and the bold type to attract attention to the most important points.

Watch the video to learn more.


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