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The 60-Second Sales Hook - How to Stand Out and Sell More Using the Power of Your Story


Kevin Rogers is a stand-up comedian turned advertising copywriter. In this fun and super-actionable training you'll discover how to turn your most relevant life stories into compact "sales hooks" that pack the punch of a well-told joke, without the need for a clever surprise ending. What you say at the end instead could mean a huge boost in leads and sales for your business.   

  • ​How to tell one minute stories that create and instant bond with your best prospects...
  • The classic joke formula that thousands of businesses are now using to grab attention (and it works no matter what kind of market you're in...)
  • Why stand up comics resort to this formula when the stakes are high and they MUST get a laugh in the first 30 seconds... 
  • See which major brands are using A-list celebrities to preform 60-Second Sales Hooks in multi-million dollar television campaigns...
  • ​Don't want to share your personal story? Use this kind instead to instantly establish trust with your audience
  • How to win the battle for your customer's 8-second attention span (officially shorter than a gold fish!)