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Social Chat 2.4: Simple Hacks to Instantly Increase Facebook Ad Conversions

  1. How effective is Facebook advertising in 2019 for B2B and B2C?
  2. Before you optimize your Ads for conversions, it’s important to understand how Facebook analyzes that data and uses it over time. Explain that process.
  3. When thinking through your sales funnel, how do you determine what end goal you’re looking to achieve? (purchase, add-to-cart, add to wishlist, page views) 
  4. Facebook has some of the most powerful targeting tools of any online advertising program. How can you layer targeting options to reach highly focused audiences with a very specific need?
  5. As we know, people spend a lot of time scrolling their Newsfeed but they’re not necessarily ready to buy. How can you use Ads to nurture that relationship and turn lookie-loo’s into buyers?
  6. How important are segmented Custom Audiences and where should we begin to build and test these out?
  7. At what stage or where in the process should we add in Facebook Retargeting Campaigns?

this is a roundtable format with a natural conversation between the guests and host

Guests: Andrea Vahl, Amanda Robinson, and Andrew Foxwell

Hosted by Rebekah Radice

All levels

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