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Super League: SERP Features Roundtable


This time in the Super League top experts will come together for discussion about the SERP Features — a topic that SEOs around the globe can’t get out of their heads.

Barry Schwartz, Lefto Chatziandreou, Pedro Dias and Boaz Sasson are going to cover the most topical issues: - Is it really important to get into the SERP features or it’s a waste of time and money? - How to estimate an investment into a high-quality SEO expert, content creation, tools, etc, if you decide to make getting into SERP features part of your SEO strategy? - How to choose the right SERP features for various businesses and strategies? - What are the main benefits and pitfalls of getting into the different SERP features?  - Should SEOs build a separate strategy for getting into the SERP features on mobile devices?

Don’t miss your chance to get the firsthand tips on these and other questions from our super experts!