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Technical vs UI/UX

In our third episode of ‘Engineers vs Marketers’, we are talking about technical SEO vs. user experience / interface: do we design for algorithms or humans?

We'll discuss what it takes to create a good website. We'll talk about design, usability, and structure.

The goal of this webinar is to compare two world views and the results they produce.

The analytical, algorithmic approach of engineers vs the psychology-driven approach of marketers.

Our host, Viola Eva, is an SEO with a big heart for content marketing. She is an international speaker and runs her digital agency, Flow SEO. This is your chance to:

  • Learn from industry experts,
  • Understand the depth and nuances of digital marketing,
  • Form your own opinion based on the experience and knowledge offered,
  • Learn the best tricks to improve your website performance and digital marketing with practical techniques.

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