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The Freelance Way: Strategic Start-up Hacks & Link Building Secrets


freelance 2

Many people dream of setting up as a freelancer, but what does the reality look like, and how should you prepare if you decide it’s what you want to do? This webinar will discuss lessons learnt when taking the leap from full time employment to running a freelance consulting business. From cash flow to generating sales, to working out how to complete the work once you’ve won it - there’s a lot to think about!

The other aspect to this is what happens once you’re up and running, you need to build links, but you’ve no longer got a team around you to help you do it. It can be pretty daunting not having people to bounce ideas around with, and even more daunting to have no budget for creative. This in turn means you need to get creative! For the second part of this webinar we’ll be talking about how startups can build links with limited resources.

The key points covered in this webinar include:

  • How to set up your own freelance operation – what to plan for, and what to be wary of
  • How to build links with very limited resources and time
  • SEO quick wins for startups