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The Insider's Guide - Enhance your Content Creation


Join Krista Tidman as she guides you through the platform, learning the best tips & tricks to each tool! 

In this webinar, I will be showcasing the Content Marketing Tools! 

Creating NEW Content 

Brainstorm ideas for website content by reviewing top headlines, questions, subtopics and related searches for a target topic.

  • Determine the highest volume subtopics and articles based on the entered topic.

  • Find out which articles resonate with your audience the most.

  • Prioritize topics by volume, difficulty and topic efficiency.

Having High Quality Content 

It’s not always clear exactly how to create content that will be optimized to rank in organic search. This is where the SEO Content Template can help.

  • Enter your target keyword(s) and the tool will return a quick analysis of your top rivals on the SERP and a template of how you can structure content to outrank them.

  • Get basic recommendations for things like your title, description, headers, and keyword usage in text.

  • Analyze data that breaks down exactly how readable your content should be to compete with your competition.

Which of my Posts is getting the Most Exposure? 

To measure the success of this type of campaign, you’ll want to follow a couple of key metrics:

  • How many backlinks point to the external articles.

  • How many social shares your articles acquired.

  • How many keywords the articles are ranking for on Google.


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