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The Perfect Content Marketing Strategy: How Content Generates Leads and Sales at Every Step of the Funnel



It’s a big promise: perfect content marketing, but it is absolutely achievable.

The big misconception is that content marketing is blogging. While blogs are a major component of content marketing, they’re only a part of the bigger picture. In fact, in most cases, a blog is not the most lucrative form of content marketing.

In this webinar, you will join Russ Henneberry, the Director of Editorial at DigitalMarketer will join with an action packed presentation uncovering:

  • 7 Characteristics of Perfect Content Marketing (#2 is critical to your SEO and keyword-driven ad success)
  •  Why your blog isn't where you should concentrate your content marketing efforts if you need immediate leads and sales
  •  How to execute Perfect Content Marketing (You'll get complimentary access to DigitalMarketer's Content Campaign Plan Google doc)
  •  And much more, including how to remove "friction" between your content and the lead or sale.

If you want to create the perfect content marketing strategy and learn how to create content that generates leads and sales at every step of the funnel, then this webinar is for you.