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The SEO Tactics & Hacks I Used to Increase Organic Traffic by 373% in 6 weeks



In this tell-all live event, Ben Twichell will share his techniques for how he improved SEO traffic to Mention.com by more than 3.5 times in just 6 weeks, and converted that traffic into $50,000+ ARR. Ben will reveal how he ranked 30+ competitive keywords on the first page of Google. The tactics in the event can be applied to currently live websites and content, not requiring any new writing, or become the strategy for new content production. 

Highlights: - The ranking factors you should and shouldn't focus on. - Secrets leveraging your current website and content to see nearly instant SEO results.  - How to trick Google Search Console into showing you the queries your content is really ranking for.  - How I track the quality of my Organic traffic to make sure it converts into customers.  - Where I learn my SEO tricks, so you can constantly stay up to date.  *All registrants will receive a written case study of the tactics listed along with all data PLUS Ben's personal blogging SEO guidelines, along with access to a 15 day trial of the SEMrush Guru Plan!