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Top 5 mistakes that all website owners make


For some people, being online is a breeze. Nothing really to worry about; just open up your ecommerce shopping cart and within a few days, your paypal account will be full, so you can get that yellow Lamborghini that you have been admiring the last few days while planning your internet riches. And, if you are one of these 'people', then fantastic news! For the rest of us, however, we all know that it isn't as easy as we originally thought or were told. 


It's a brutal landscape: your audience doesn't really know you exist at times, and your customers don't really care about you and your business. If you are not delivering your value with relevance and authority, then you might as well not exist online. How do you build that relevance to your audience? Well, it starts with one of the many aspects of a proper digital platform - your website.


In this webinar session, we will go through the Top 5 Mistakes that All Website Owners Make with their online business. Contrary to the TV adverts, it's  not as easy as DIY website and the traffic will come. We'll explore some of the key elements that you need on the site, as well as how to really extract that value to impress your audience and make them into repeat customers. Whether your online business is about selling products, or about your defining service, we'll investigate what you can do differently to pull all these pieces together, to become the remarkable digital leader in your industry.


Speaker: Doyle Buehler 


Doyle Buehler is an author, entrepreneur, speaker and online business strategist. From several successful start-ups and retail franchise businesses in Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia, to helping other companies succeed with their ideas and strategies, he has spent over 14 years in the business world making things happen – both online and off. He is a Leading innovator in the online, ecommerce worlds, and at the intersections of entrepreneurship and digital innovation. His experience has been utilised in various global industries, including travel, insurance, pharmaceuticals, banking, investment, hospitality, finance, events and learning domains.


His newest book, "The Digital Delusion: How To Overcome The Misguidance and Misinformation Online", discusses the reality of the online industry, and what business leaders can do to get beyond the clutter, confusion and distraction of the online world, to become a true digital leader.


He now runs the world's first "anti-agency", The Digital Delusion, helping entrepreneurs and business leaders become less reliant on "guru's", and "experts", and getting rid of the bullsh*t online, by empowering and enabling them to become accountable (& awesome) online.