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Ways Of Growing Your Business Through Wide Targeting And Laser Targeting Your Audience


Many of the well known practices of web marketing, like SEO/PPC and Social Media, look to target a wide sphere of unknown people who may be interested in our products and services. When marketing a B2B product or service however, we generally want to be far more targeted in whom we market to - we want to reach the right decision makers in the right companies whom our products and services can benefit most. In this webinar, we will look at how we both target and approach specific people online, using a combination of emotive techniques and new online tools. At Positive Sparks, Phil Byrne helps companies define their online strategy and unique selling points, which we then work into an original web marketing ‘recipe’ for their business.

Still we all know that the leads are by far the most important part of digital marketing. Without sufficient flow of organic and paid traffic you can’t increase your sales and push your business forward. In this webinar we’re going to cover the best strategies and techniques to improve your traffic dramatically. We’ll show the proven methods of generating more users with the help of widely popular tools and techniques.

During the webinar we’ll cover:               

1.   Show how to utilize the great new online tools to target customers more effectively; 2.   The additional channels of collecting organic traffic; 3.   Show you how to make your blog perform better in SERPs; 4.   Cover some useful tools which make your life easier by saving tons of your time; 5.   Create a targeting and follow up strategy for connecting with specific people online