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What's New In SEO for 2015: The Future of Digital Marketing - Pro Panel


2015 can be a record year for your digital marketing efforts. But, Google's radical changes in 2014 - algorithm updates, Answer Boxes, Knowledge Graph - can be overwhelming to hardworking search marketers. Learn from some of the best SEOs whose experience creates success for themselves and others, everyday. 

SEMrush is proud to host these respected experts in a roundtable discussion about the top challenges we'll face and dynamic solutions for SEO in 2015. 

Who should attend: 

  • Inbound Marketers who must deliver the right content to the right person at the right time. 
  • SEOs and Content Marketers who must interpret social signals and court influence to get ahead. 
  • Enterprise SEOs who must undertake large-scale operations and commit resources. 
  • Affiliate marketers who must perform for every dollar they earn. 
  • Agency leaders who must plan and sell the right services, and their managers in the trenches. 
  • Linkbuilders who must evaluate link sources and prove their effectiveness. 
  • Content Marketers whose every article must be fresh, useful and comprehensive. 
  • Social Media Marketers who must demonstrate their contribution to traffic and SEO. 
  • Website and E-Commerce managers who must squeeze every possible conversion.

Each of our guests will have their own webinar to expand upon their individual topic, but you'll take away some great methods, insights, tips and cautions from this lively forum. 

Come, join your search peers and professionals -- and bring your own questions for our distinguished panel! 

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