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Why Calls are Better Than Clicks


Most marketers are obsessed with getting clicks and web leads. They want form-fills and email addresses. The message from McKay Allen and Convirza is simple: that's an outdated way of thinking. Calls are better. As a top data-junkie and marketing powerhouse with decades of experience, McKay Allen would know.  In this webinar, he'll discuss why calls have usurped clicks as the preferred lead for nearly every business.


Specifically, McKay will cover: 

  • What he learned from analyzing 116,000 phone calls in April 2015

  • Why calls are 12x more likely to become customers than web leads

  • Which businesses should pay the MOST attention to phone calls

  • Why so many marketers are scared of phone calls

  • Quick tactics you can use to generate more phone calls​

​To help discover your competitive landscape in all this, attendees of this webinar will have access to a FREE 15-Day trial of SEMrush Guru!