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Writing Content for SEO in the Post-Hummingbird World


Google’s Hummingbird algorithm in 2013 was a game-changer for content creators. It is no longer enough to crowbar lots of keywords into our website and blog content, because Google has started going beyond the individual words people USE when they search, to figure out what they MEAN. Our content has to answer those questions if we want it returned on Page 1 of Google.

In this webinar on Thursday 12th March at 3pm GMT, Emily Hill will provide practical tips to help you write content that answers the real questions in your customers’ minds when they run search queries.

Emily is the founder and CEO of a 9-year old copywriting agency that has undergone a big transformation of its own in the way it approaches content creation for clients. Therefore a lot of the examples in this webinar are based on techniques that Emily has implemented for Write My Site and its clients.

Join Emily for this comprehensive webinar in which she will explain:

  • Why Hummingbird is a far more significant change to Google’s algorithm than either Panda or Penguin
  • The importance of truly original, valuable content and how to create it
  • Why modern keyword research is about learning the language of your customers
  • How to use predictive search for content inspiration
  • Which types of content perform well in the post-Hummingbird Google search results
  • How to create a streamlined content strategy for intelligent SEO