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Seven Deadly Sins of Marketing

How To Use the Seven Deadly Sins of Marketing

Pride, envy, wrath gluttony, lust, sloth and greed. Intense, right? When we think of the seven deadly sins, we generally think of trying to avoid them. But what if you could use them to your advantage, strategically and meticulously turning views of your ad into clicks, leads and customers?
Paul KlebanovJul 22, 2016
Rules of Snapchat Branded Content Marketing

Social Media

4 min read

9 Unwritten Rules of Snapchat Branded Content Marketing

Snapchat is quickly becoming a powerful new tool brands can use to engage with their audiences, thanks to the more than 100 million people using Snapchat every day. They‘re watching and sharing more than 7 billion video clips. And unlike other social platforms, which have pretty variable demographics, Snapchat has a small, core audience of users between 13 and 25 years old.
Aaron AgiusJul 21, 2016
On-Site SEO Mistakes

General SEO

10 min read

11 Most Common On-Site SEO Mistakes [Semrush Study]

Which SEO issues do you really need to focus on? We decided to find out using real data. In this article you will find a list of the most common on-page, technical SEO and website issues and information about the way they can affect your search engine rankings. The infographic below summarizes our key findings.
Elena TerentevaJul 19, 2016
Rules of Retargeting
Successful SEO Agency

General SEO

9 min read

How to Build a Successful SEO Agency

Recently we organized an online meetup with three awesome experts: Frederic Chanut, James Reynolds and David Jenyns. They answered all of these questions and shared their own twists and turns in building their SEO agencies. You can watch the whole video here, and for this post I’ve picked up some of the most interesting advice on organizing a SEO agency, getting your first clients and delivering awesome results.
Anastasia SidkoJul 14, 2016
SEO Copywriting Tips

General SEO

5 min read

7 SEO Copywriting Tips To Take Your Copy From Zero to Hero

Not every piece of SEO content is powerful enough to engage and entertain people and motivate them to spend at your site! After all, what’s the point of building a content that isn’t really able to convert those who are reading it? Here are some ideas and best practices to build solid SEO content.
Gaurav KumarJul 08, 2016
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