25 Best AI Social Media Tools to Try in 2024 [Tested Manually]

Margarita Loktionova

Jul 18, 202423 min read
25 Best AI Social Media Tools to Try in 2024 [Tested Manually]


AI social media tools help you create engaging content and automate repetitive social media management tasks.

But with so many choices, how do you pick the right one for your needs?

We’ve tested and cherry-picked the top 25 AI social media tools for you to try in 2024.

Let’s check them out. 

How to Choose the Best AI Social Media Tool

There are a few key factors to consider when choosing an AI social media tool. To create this list, we asked the following questions:

  • Is the tool user-friendly, with comprehensive support resources?
  • Does it integrate with popular social media channels? Are there any unique features tailored to specific platforms?
  • How advanced are its AI capabilities? Does it offer features like generative AI for content creation or machine learning for optimizing analytics?
  • Does it offer automation features for scheduling, posting, or content creation to streamline workflow efficiency?
  • Can it provide detailed analytics for monitoring engagement metrics across multiple social channels?

The Top 25 AI Tools for Social Media to Try in 2024

Here are our top 25 picks for AI social media software, categorized for various use cases.

Best AI Social Media Post Generators and AI Copywriting Tools

Looking to automate how you generate engaging content ideas? Or to quickly create high-quality social media posts tailored to your audience? 

AI social media post generators help you create engaging content faster.

Here are our favorite options.

1. ContentShake AI: Best for Creating Content for Social Media and Other Organic Channels

ContentShake AI: an AI social media tool for organic content creation

If you need an AI content tool to enhance your content strategy across different digital channels, ContentShake AI is the perfect fit.

It generates compelling posts for different social media platforms, whether from scratch or by reworking existing articles to promote your blog.

Users can create their unique tone of voice and generate AI social media content that's always on brand.

ContentShake AI: brand voice for your AI social media content

And the best part? 

It lets you customize each post to suit your preferences: the tool features an intuitive content editor and an integrated AI chat. 

ContentShake AI: creating social media posts

ContentShake AI also lets you add high-quality visuals at no cost. 

You can either generate unique AI images or add royalty-free stock photos to make your social media posts more engaging.

ContentShake AI: creating AI images for your social media posts

In addition to social media, ContentShake AI assists in crafting long-form blog content to help you rank in search.

It uses Semrush’s real-time SEO data to produce optimized articles infused with real-time competitive insights.

ContentShake AI: creating articles

Finally, ContentShake AI suggests weekly content ideas based on trending topics in your niche.

You can also select your target region to receive content ideas relevant to each location, even down to the city level.

ContentShake AI: finding content ideas

All this makes ContentShake AI a solid option for those wanting to execute a cohesive content strategy.

Top Features

  • Engaging posts for various social media channels from scratch
  • New content sourced from existing blog posts to streamline organic content promotion
  • Draft optimization for better engagement and readability
  • Weekly content ideas and AI image generation

Pros and Cons

🔥 Pros

🤔 Cons

Suitable for beginners and experts

Only available in English

All-in-one tool that creates and edits social content from scratch, as well as automatically generating fresh posts to promote blogs

Better suited to small teams instead of large enterprise teams with several team members

Accelerates ideation using real-time data


Generates AI images for free



The Unlimited Plan costs $60 monthly and gives you access to trending content ideas, images, social media content, and SEO-rich articles.

A 7-day free trial is available.

2. Predis.ai: Best for Generating Image Carousels and Videos

Predis.ai: an AI social media tool

Predis.ai is another great tool for generating and posting engaging social media posts. 

Expect an integrated chatbot for brainstorming, ready-to-use texts and images, and a meme generator.

Admittedly, we found some results a bit wordy. But you can customize the post to suit your brand tone of voice.


Predis.ai also lets you create dynamic content, such as like videos and image carousels, across different social media channels, ensuring your message resonates with everyone. 

And for consistent branding, simply save your brand colors and use them across all your social media posts.


Predis.ai also offers omnichannel scheduling and collaboration tools, which can be useful when managing multiple projects or teams.

Top Features

  • Integrated chatbot for brainstorming
  • Ready-to-use texts, images, and meme generator
  • Omnichannel social media scheduling and collaboration tools

Pros and Cons

🔥 Pros

🤔 Cons

Designed specifically for social media content production

Wordy output with basic AI graphics 

Available in 5+ languages, including English, French, and Italian 

Requires detailed prompts to generate engaging social posts

Directly publishes content on different social media platforms

Limited free plan


Limited free plan, with paid plans at $32 monthly. 

Note that, with the free plan, you can only generate 15 posts and run 10 competitor analyses per month for one brand across up to five channels. 

3. Jasper.ai: Best for Enterprise Marketing Teams


Jasper.ai is an advanced AI writing tool perfect for big enterprise teams. 

It uses natural language processing (NLP) to help you write diverse content, including social media posts. It offers over 50 templates to help users overcome writer's block.

For example, check out this social media post made with Jasper.ai:


The tool learns your style and brand voice to help you generate content that’s less robotic. However, just like with many other AI tools, this feature doesn’t always produce perfect results.

You can also use Jasper to create other types of content and plan your marketing campaigns. This makes it a good choice for larger enterprise teams with growing content outputs.


Top Features

  • Adjustable to brand writing style and tone 
  • Multi-channel social media marketing campaigns and multi-user collaboration
  • Content calendar for seamless content planning and management 
  • Integrated AI chat to help you optimize your social media posts

Pros and Cons

🔥 Pros

🤔 Cons

Tons of ready-made content templates

Complicated interface

Supports 25+ languages including English, Japanese, and Portuguese

Generated posts sometimes lack creativity 

Powerful analytics

Doesn’t offer data-driven suggestions and ideas for your content

Generates AI images



The Creator plan costs $49/month/seat. The Business plan comes at $69/month/seat.

Best All-in-One AI Social Media Tools for Social Media Marketing

All-in-one AI social media tools facilitate consistent and effective campaigns.

Use them for a host of activities, including social media content creation, scheduling, and analytics.

Here are our top all-in-one AI tools for effective social media marketing.

4. Semrush Social Media Toolkit: Best for Comprehensive Competitor Insights


The Semrush Social Media Toolkit is a 360-degree social media management platform for building and improving your content strategy.

It seamlessly integrates with all major social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. You can also manage up to 10 social media profiles in one place.


The platform provides everything you need to manage your social media presence, including:

  • Post scheduling
  • Content ideation
  • Analytics
  • Social CRM

For instance, you can use the Social Content Ideation feature to generate content ideas across different topics and tailor them for social media platforms. 


With Social Poster, you can then schedule and post the content directly from Semrush to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

The tool will also help you generate your posts with AI, adding relevant UTMs and tags.


Finally, use its powerful analytics tool to improve your social media performance.

You can easily assess how your posts perform across each social media platform. Check the overall performance and drill down into specifics for each platform.

For example, you can monitor your follower count, engagement metrics, top-performing tags, and more.


You can also track and analyze your competitors in real-time. This gives you an important insight into their strategies so you can improve your own. 

You can see how fast your competitors are growing, how engaged their audience is, and which are their best-performing posts.


Top Features

  • Post scheduling and performance analysis across all social media platforms
  • Seamless management of community interactions 
  • Insights into competitors' social media performance
  • Multi-profile management for up to 10 social media profiles

Pros and Cons

🔥 Pros

🤔 Cons

Powerful, feature-packed tool

May be less suitable for users who don’t have a very active social media presence 

Robust competitor analytics using Semrush’s data

Places certain limits depending on your subscription plan

Supports all major social media platforms


Comes with an AI assistant to create social posts and offers an image editor, video uploader, and UTM parameter support



Costs $29.99 monthly on top of your Semrush subscription.

5. Sprout Social: Best for Analyzing Social Media Performance 


Sprout Social shines as a comprehensive AI tool for social media marketing, offering standout features in three key areas.

First, its powerful social listening capabilities process millions of messages daily. You get crucial insights into audience sentiments and trends.


Second, its publishing and engagement features help you save time and money. 

Tools like Optimal Send Time and AI-driven content suggestions let you create and share compelling social posts at the best time for maximum impact.


Third, its robust analytics tools provide comprehensive reports and competitive analysis. 

Use it to track performance and refine your social media marketing strategies.


Top Features

  • Robust social listening tools
  • Comprehensive reports and templates 
  • Optimal Send Time delivers social posts at the best time for maximum impact.
  • Streamlines manual tasks and enhances team efficiency

Pros and Cons

🔥 Pros

🤔 Cons

User-friendly dashboard

Not for teams with limited budgets

Simple, effective brand monitoring capabilities

Limited number of social networks

Offers several report options for free

Limited capabilities for analyzing your competitors

Prompt customer support



Starts at $249 monthly per seat. A 30-day trial is available.

6. Hootsuite: Best for Multi-Profile Scheduling


Hootsuite lets you manage all your social media networks from one spot. But its AI-powered features are the real game-changers.

For example, you can use the Canva integration to create AI-generated content. 

And, the OwlyWriter AI helps craft AI-generated captions and pick relevant hashtags for your posts. 


You can also track your impact with powerful analytics that show what’s working and what’s not. 

There’s even an option to create detailed reports for stakeholders, showing how your posts stack up against the competition.


Finally, Hootsuite offers a unified inbox that centralizes all communications. You can easily reply and engage with your social media audience from one place.

And with AI-powered auto-responders, no message is left unanswered.

Top Features

  • Detailed analytics for strategic campaign improvement
  • Bulk scheduling and a unified inbox 
  • Integrated content creation tools including Canva and AI features

Pros and Cons

🔥 Pros

🤔 Cons

No limit on the number of posts

Can be expensive for small companies

Supports multi-profile scheduling

UI needs improvement

Strong AI-powered features



Starts at $99 monthly per seat. A 30-day trial is available.

Best AI Social Tools for Scheduling Social Media Posts

Using artificial intelligence tools for scheduling social media posts saves time and resources, allowing you to focus on engaging with your audience and tracking performance.

We looked for tools with advanced features such as optimal posting times and audience targeting to ensure your posts reach the right audience at the right time.

Here are the two tools we recommend.

7. Buffer: Best for Strategic Post Scheduling


Buffer's core function is to help you create and schedule posts across various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

You can schedule individual social posts one-by-one in advance or use the Queue system for semi-automatic scheduling. 

Specify the days and times you want to share future content, and Buffer will automatically fit it into the next available time slot as you add content.

This feature helps you stick to a regular posting schedule on all your social accounts without the hassle of figuring out when to publish each post yourself.


Additionally, Buffer's AI Assistant customizes your posts for each social network. You can modify the text, link, or media as needed. 

While this does take some extra time, it can potentially improve post performance on each channel.


Finally, its Content Categories feature helps you organize social media posts by themes, such as Blog posts or Promotions. 

For variety, assign each post a color code and time slot . You can also shuffle categories to avoid repetition and prioritize goals for a diverse social media content strategy.

Top Features

  • Post scheduling for sharing across multiple social networks
  • Automatic Queue scheduling 
  • Posts tailored to each social network

Pros and Cons

🔥 Pros

🤔 Cons


Its AI Assistant is very basic

Provides timing suggestions based on previous performance

Has to be integrated with other software to engage with posts and reply to comments

Supports custom URLs to track links


Organizes posts into themes or topics



There is a free plan, with paid plans starting at $6 monthly for one channel.

8. Later Social™: Best for Ease of Use


Later Social™ is another solid choice for effortless social media scheduling, covering platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn. 

Its visual content calendar is designed with a drag-and-drop interface, which makes scheduling a breeze.


There's also a handy "Best Time to Post" feature, which takes the guesswork out of scheduling by recommending the best times to publish.


Beyond scheduling capabilities, Later Social™ offers social media analytics, caption writing and hashtag tools, as well as LinkedIn bio enhancement features.

Top Features

  • Drag-and-drop interface for scheduling your posts
  • Simultaneous posting across multiple social media platforms
  • Best Time to Post feature for optimal publishing times

Pros and Cons

🔥 Pros

🤔 Cons

Drag-and-drop interface

No preview option

Robust social media and hashtag analysis

Limited image editing capabilities

Sleek UI



Starts at $25 monthly. A free 14-day trial is available.

Best AI Social Media Tools for Social Listening and Analytics 

Tracking brand social media posts, comments, and trends gives you a clearer picture of what your customers think and feel.

You can also spot any problems early on and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Consider the following AI tools to tap into real-time insights about your brand, audience, and competitors.


Brandwatch offers powerful social listening capabilities, helping you grasp audience sentiments and engage more effectively.

How does it do this?

It has access to an extensive database of over 100 million online sources and a staggering 1.4 trillion posts. This ensures thorough social listening for valuable insights.

You can also use its customizable query builder to track specific keywords or broad themes across Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, among other platforms. 


Custom dashboards and advanced sentiment analysis capture nuanced consumer emotions and opinions across channels. 

A Smart Alerts feature then notifies you of any sudden spikes in brand mentions, allowing you to address them promptly.

Additionally, Brandwatch's real-time monitoring keeps you updated on brand mentions across platforms. 

You'll also find the smart social inbox useful. All messages are organized in a kanban-style layout, keeping you on top of your DMs.


Top Features

  • Able to assess data from over 100 million online sources and 1.4 trillion posts
  • Advanced algorithms capture consumer emotions and opinions
  • Immediate alerts for brand mentions

Pros and Cons

🔥 Pros

🤔 Cons

Short learning curve

Doesn't detect video content or review sites

Clear, detailed reports

Can be expensive for those with limited budgets

Simplifies social listening through tags and filters



You have to book a demo to get a custom quote.

10. Brand24: Best for Tracking Social Influence Metrics


With Brand24, you get a comprehensive overview of your brand's online presence. 

It tracks key performance metrics like reach, mentions, and engagement — all conveniently consolidated into a single dashboard. 

This holistic view makes it easier to spot trends and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Image Source

The tool also tunes you into the online conversation around your brand across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. 

You can track engagement metrics to gauge audience interaction and sentiment towards your brand.

Moreover, Brand24 goes the extra mile by identifying influential social media voices discussing your brand. 

This opens up opportunities for collaboration, helping you amplify your brand's visibility among relevant audiences.


Top Features

  • Centralized dashboard with in-depth metric analyses
  • Tracking of social media conversations related to your brand
  • Comprehensive engagement and influence analytics

Pros and Cons

🔥 Pros

🤔 Cons


May pull up irrelevant information

Customized analysis across social media platforms

Sentiment scores can sometimes be inaccurate

Sends comprehensive email alerts

Certain features aren't accessible across all subscription plans


Starts at $99 monthly. A 14-day free trial is available.

11. Trend Analytics for Reddit: Best for Exploring Reddit Communities


With over 500 million users, Reddit is an important platform for growing your brand and collecting customer insights.

Trend Analytics for Reddit helps you use the app better and gives you the insights to stay ahead in your marketing efforts.

For starters, it lets you explore Reddit's data freely without paying the extra fees for using its API. 


You can track which subreddits are gaining traction, check out the most popular posts on Reddit, and learn what people are talking about. 

You can then create social content on topics your customers truly care about. In addition, the app provides insights into Reddit's audience behavior, including demographics and geographic breakdowns.

Compare multiple subreddits simultaneously to see which ones are growing, identify emerging trends, and discover new communities before your competitors do.


Top Features

  • Detailed Reddit traffic stats
  • Identifies and predicts emerging trends on Reddit
  • Comprehensive data on users, keywords, and trends

Pros and Cons

🔥 Pros

🤔 Cons

Cost-efficient: you don't have to pay Reddit's API fees

Only for Reddit

Helps improve content relevance and engagement


Deeply analyzes Reddit audience behavior



Costs $10 monthly. A free trial is available.

Best AI Social Media Tools for Image and Video Generation

AI image and video generators swiftly transform text inputs into different visual formats, like realistic photos or illustrations. 

Here are our top AI tools that simplify creating social media marketing collateral and performing design tasks.

12. Midjourney: Best AI Image Generator for Creating Storytelling Visuals


Midjourney is a top-notch AI image and video generator, known for its realistic results and versatility.

You get various tools to enhance your visuals, including different model versions, image upscaling, blending, and parameter manipulation.

Its advanced prompt capabilities allow Midjourney to create life-like images across different genres, from food to fashion. 

However, to get the best results, you need to give it detailed instructions.

For instance:: 

<Delicious poke with salmon, Canon EF 35mm, f1. 8, photography,intricated details, high on details, ultra realistic, HD, HDR, 8K, real life --ar 16:9>

Here's the result from the above prompt:

AI image generated with Midjourney

Another standout feature of Midjourney is image referencing. 

You can add reference photos to your instructions, enabling the tool to create precise ads and promotional materials for your brand.

What's more, Midjourney operates within Discord's chat interface, which means you also get a supportive community to exchange insights and find inspiration.

Top Features

  • Model versions, image upscaling, blending, and parameter manipulation features
  • Able to generate realistic images of food, people, landscapes, and more
  • Image referencing lets you add reference photos to your prompts

Pros and Cons

🔥 Pros

🤔 Cons

Allows for deep customization

Complicated setup

Highly precise results with high-quality images

Requires accurate prompts and creativity

Adapts certain artistic styles as prompted

Images and prompts are public unless you're on the Pro plan


Starts at $10 monthly.

13. DALL-E 3: Best AI Image Generator for ChatGPT Plus Account Users


The new DALL-E 3 enhances image quality and customization, making it a standout choice for marketers and creatives. 

Any ChatGPT Plus user can access it through the same chat interface. It’ll help you create detailed images and automatically refine your prompts, ensuring top-notch results with minimal effort on your part.

For example, we asked Dall-E 3 to create an image with a flying cat using this prompt:


However, the actual prompt ChatGPT used was the following:


DALL-E 3 also offers a wide range of customization options to cater to various needs — whether you're after realistic photos or futuristic illustrations.

Images are generated promptly, so you can iterate on ideas and experiment with different concepts without long waits.

Top Features

  • Creates a variety of images based on prompts
  • Works within the chat interface of ChatGPT Plus
  • Results display vibrant and engaging visuals

Pros and Cons

🔥 Pros

🤔 Cons

Easy to use

Struggles with complex ideas

High-quality outputs

Lower control over the image creation process as AI automatically modifies prompts

Works seamlessly with OpenAI’s product suite


Can be used via ChatGPT Plus and Microsoft Copilot



Starts at $0.040 per image. Free for ChatGPT Plus users.

14. Canva: Best for Creating Diverse Social Media Visual Assets


Offering a suite of AI-powered features, Canva AI does two crucial things: simplifies visual design and boosts creative thinking.

First up is Magic Design, which uses AI to create personalized design templates based on your inputs. 

Simply describe your idea/vision in a few words, and Magic Design will generate a collection of custom templates.

For instance, the prompt "sleek highrise buildings against beautiful sunset" delivers the following results:


Then there's Magic Media, the AI-assisted image generator, which employs Stable Diffusion technology to transform text prompts into images or videos.

Other features include Magic Edit and Magic Eraser to manipulate images effortlessly — from altering objects to removing unwanted elements with just a few clicks. 

These tools drastically speed up photo editing tasks.

For adding dynamic elements, there's Magic Animate and Beat Sync. 

Use them to incorporate animations and synchronize them with music to make your presentations and social media posts more engaging.

Top Features

  • Magic Design creates tailored design templates
  • Magic Media transforms text prompts into AI-generated images
  • AI video creation 
  • Online AI text generator

Pros and Cons

🔥 Pros

🤔 Cons

Drag-and-drop interface

A bit amateur compared to other AI image and video generators 

Wide range of custom templates

Doesn't support follow-up prompts: you must create new prompts

Seamless social media and AI Integrations



Free plan available, with paid plans at $14.99 monthly.

15. AI Video Marketing Automator: Best for Automating Social Media Video Production


Imagine effortlessly crafting engaging videos for your social media channels and website, all without the hours of tedious editing. 

With AI Video Marketing Automator, you can do just that. 

Expect a diverse range of templates like URL to Video, AI Prompt, and Blank — each catering to different content needs. 

Whether you're repurposing blog posts or starting from scratch, the process is seamless.


AI Video Marketing Automator's built-in editor also supports easy customization. You can adjust voiceovers, music, and visuals to resonate with your brand identity and messaging. 

Then use Brand Kits to guide AI to produce on-brand videos. 

Define elements such as fonts, colors, and CTAs to ensure consistent branding across all your video content.


Handy automation features further streamline content creation, managing tasks like bulk video creation and auto-embedding into blog posts.

Top Features

  • Built-in video editor and an AI video generator
  • Tons of template options to cater to different creation styles
  • Integrated content calendar

Pros and Cons

🔥 Pros

🤔 Cons

Lets you repurpose content such as blog posts as videos

The base plan only supports 10 videos

Significantly cuts down on video content creation time


Supports automated bulk video creation and translation of video scripts


Automates video sharing across multiple social media channels



Starts at $39 monthly. The Pro plan costs $119/month.

Best AI Social Media Tools for Writing Captions and Hashtags

AI social media tools generate engaging and relevant social media captions and hashtags within seconds.

Some of them even analyze trends and audience preferences, giving you optimized options for better visibility and engagement.

Check out our recommended picks.:

16. ContentStudio: Best for Generating Optimized Captions and Hashtags


ContentStudio offers several pre-made prompt templates for popular social networks like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and X.

But if you want to start from scratch, its AI bot instantly generates engaging social media captions based on your prompt — complete with hashtags, images, and emojis.

Let's consider an example.

We gave ContentStudio the following prompt:


This was the result:


Additionally, ContentStudio repurposes existing content and improves readability. 

You can choose from a range of tones of voice to match the captions with your theme and brand.

Top Features

  • Caption and hashtag variations to match your brand
  • Automated direct posting
  • AI-powered image editor
  • Additional social media management tools 

Pros and Cons

🔥 Pros

🤔 Cons

Optimized prompt templates

Clunky UI

Supports UTM tracking with a built-in link shortener

Limited mobile app

Direct integrations with 20+ apps



Starts at $25 monthly. A 14-day free trial is available.

17. Ocoya: Best for E-commerce Brands


With Ocoya, you get an intuitive social media scheduling app and a smart AI copywriter.

You’ll find 56 diverse templates that cover all your writing needs across multiple channels. 

What’s more, it can generate copy in 28 languages — simply type your prompt, click ‘Generate,’ and enjoy compelling captions.

You can also customize posts, and add images, videos, emojis, and hashtags with just a few clicks.


Ocoya also integrates with popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, making it suitable for eCommerce brands.

Top Features

  • Wide range of templates
  • Integrations with Shopify and WooCommerce
  • Text, image and video generation for your social media posts
  • Multilingual support

Pros and Cons

🔥 Pros

🤔 Cons

User-friendly interface

Some users report that the tool can be slow and glitchy

Seamless social media integration

Prone to small bugs 

AI-generated videos and images


Prompt customer service



Starts at $25 monthly.; a A 14-day free trial is available.

Best AI Social Media Tools for Social Media Ads

Whether you want to streamline ad creation, optimize targeting, or analyze performance data, these AI tools for social media ads have your back:

18. Celtra: Best for Creative Ad Optimization


Celtra makes launching digital campaigns across different markets and social channels quick and easy.

The platform's cloud-based nature consolidates your team's workflows, simplifying social media campaign production, and making review, approval, and distribution more efficient. 

Its modular interface allows the content and design to be separate. This means you can create new versions on the fly without altering the original layout.

Celtra's core feature, though, is creative automation. 

This uses AI to speed up your time to market by automating content changes and ad creation across different formats, sizes, and channels. 


Consequently, you can use the platform to eliminate manual tasks (think: design, content creation, and distribution), and to streamline your workflow, allowing for more strategic focus.

Celtra also improves the performance of your product ads. By leveraging product data, you can enhance content, apply relevant templates, and include videos to create personalized social media ads.


Top Features

  • Cross-channel ad content production and scaling
  • Centralized modular design ensures you can make visual and copy changes easily
  • Custom dynamic product ad templates and feed-powered personalization

Pros and Cons

🔥 Pros

🤔 Cons

Automated processes accelerate digital campaign production

Limited animation functionality

Enables rapid iteration and adaptation of designs

Unclear support documentation

Supports template locking



You have to request a custom quote.

19. Smartly.io: Best for Creating and Managing Dynamic Ads


As a marketer, you'll appreciate how Smartly.io streamlines social media ad management, offering a comprehensive multi-platform solution. 

From a single dashboard, you can launch campaigns with automated workflows and integrate them with TikTok, Pinterest, Meta, and the Google Marketing Platform.


One standout feature we liked is Real-Time Reach and Frequency. 

It gives you instant insights into how upper-funnel activities impact sales stages. 

You can then optimize budget allocation and refine targeting to maximize ROI and expand reach.

Smartly.io also offers dynamic image and video templates. 

You can use these to generate videos, automate creative ads with data-driven insights, and distribute them across various platforms — and in different languages.


Its robust social media analytics for actionable insights is also useful. 

You can import third-party metrics, assess performance across different networks, and visualize real-time data on a customizable dashboard. 

Automatic ad rotation options ensure your ads stay fresh and effective.

Top Features

  • Customizable dashboard
  • Multi-platform integration
  • Predictive algorithms for optimizing bids and budgets 
  • Dynamic image and video templates

Pros and Cons

🔥 Pros

🤔 Cons

Comprehensive campaign management solution

Some users may find the learning curve steep

Fantastic automation features

Customer support can be improved

Easy-to-use creative tools for image and video ads



You’ll need to book a demo to get a custom quote.

Best AI Tools for Creating Fun Social Media Visuals

Social media thrives on fun, and what's more fun than relatable memes and eye-catching GIFs? 

In a conversation with Forbes, Memeois founder Anushk Mittal revealed his agency's regular marketing graphics yielded 5% engagement on Facebook and Instagram, whereas, memes led to 10 times greater reach with 60% organic engagement. 

Check out these top AI-powered visual tools to boost your social media impact:

20. Supermeme.ai: Best for Creating Fun Memes Quickly


Unlike typical image editors that simply offer a collection of meme templates, Supermeme.ai is built specifically for meme creation. 

The whole process is smooth and user-friendly, thanks to Supermeme.ai's straightforward meme editor.

It includes only the essential features necessary to create and edit memes, making it easy for anyone to use.

You get a curated database of meme templates. Each template is manually selected and tagged with specific emotions or actions. 

Just describe the emotion or action you want, and you’ll find the perfect meme.

For instance, typing "frustrated" gives us these templates:


And a "raised hands" input shows us these:


You can also generate AI-powered memes or upload your own images, giving you plenty of creative freedom.

Another cool feature is its ability to create memes in over 110 languages. 

Write your captions in English, then easily generate memes in other languages without using extra translation tools.

Top Features

  • Text-to-meme functionality
  • Purpose-built meme editor that's suitable for even beginners
  • Carefully curated meme templates across various industries 

Pros and Cons

🔥 Pros

🤔 Cons

Simple interface that's suitable for even beginners

It sometimes may not interpret your idea the way you envisioned

Tons of editable templates


Supports over 110 languages



Starts at $9.99/month.

21. Appy Pie: Best for Generating Custom GIFs Using AI


If you prefer lively animations or images over memes, Appy Pie's AI GIF Generator is worth a try. 

This handy tool converts text into fun GIFs, allowing you to convey specific messages or ideas with animated flair. 

In addition to an intuitive interface with drag-and-drop functionality, Appy Pie supports natural language prompts, ensuring precise results tailored to your preferences.

To get started, simply input your text prompt and click 'Generate.' Appy Pie then works its magic, generating your GIF in real-time. 

For instance, the prompt "Create a GIF when hot sizzling food being served by the waiter" yields this result:


You can further customize the GIF by adding text and stickers or adjusting frame durations to your liking. 

Once you're satisfied, download and share your creation across your brand's social media platforms.

You can use Appy Pie's AI GIF caption generator to create catchy captions for your creations.

Aside from its user-friendly interface, what truly sets Appy Pie apart is its affordability. 

Compared to hiring professional services or buying stock GIFs, Appy Pie is a budget-friendly alternative, ideal for small businesses and individual marketers.

Top Features

  • Customizable GIFs generated from text prompts
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Several ready-to-use GIF options

Pros and Cons

🔥 Pros

🤔 Cons

Easy on the pocket

Doesn't support direct sharing across social media platforms

Generates unique animations for each text prompt

Output depends on prompt quality

Diverse selection of AI-generated GIF templates



Costs €7 monthly. A 7-day free trial is available.

Other AI Social Media Marketing Tools

22. AI Text Generator: Just enter a topic or keyword, and Semrush's AI Text Generator will instantly generate compelling, plagiarism-free content for your brand's social channels. You can also edit content directly in the tool and use AI to improve and expand it further.

23. Birdeye: Monitor social media sentiment with Birdeye and gauge consumer perception of your brand. Use the software to send automatic review requests, respond to customer reviews, and fix online company listings.

24. Influencer Analytics: Find the right influencers for your brand by analyzing their performance stats, engagement trends, and pricing ranges. Track competitor spending and partnerships to inform your own influencer marketing strategies.

25. ChatGPT: ChatGPT helps you with basic social media copywriting tasks and brainstorming. Use it to generate engaging content ideas, write basic social media copy, and craft personalized responses to DMs and comments.

Finding the Best AI Social Media Tool for Social Media Management

There you have it — 25 top social media AI tools to master your brand's social channels.

For the best start to your AI-powered social media management journey, consider:

  • ContentShake AI: Generate catchy posts for various social media platforms, whether from scratch or reworked from existing articles.
  • Semrush Social Media Toolkit: Schedule and track your social content across multiple platforms.
  • Brandwatch: Understand audience sentiments and enhance engagement.
  • Canva: Create compelling images and videos for social media.
  • Smartly.io: Create engaging dynamic product ads and monitor performance.

Leverage these AI social media tools to build a stronger online presence and execute successful marketing campaigns, faster and more efficiently. 

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